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Her database of clients is small about people and growing in comparison to the online dating institutions like Match. And I do background checks on everyone as well.

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Although I have never claimed to be a matchmaker I have certainly become the go-to person in my circle of friends when it comes to questions about dating, especially online dating. We both agree that people are very quick to judge someone on a first date, which means in the world of fast-food dating like Match. Nichols says people need to slow down and be more patient, and just allow the other person to get to know you.

She suggests to give it at least three dates before you throw in the towel, preferably five. In her opinion a better choice would be happy hour 2-drink max , or a meeting at a bakery and then a walk, or just a glass of wine and appetizers somewhere. According to Nichols the biggest mistake people make on a first date is being too full of themselves. My next question is a hotly-debated topic amongst my wide circle of friends. Why do so many older men only want to date younger women? I think I already know the answer to this question, but I want to hear what she has to say.

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And what about the older women? Clients credit her ongoing support and professional advice for keeping their life, love and personal journey enjoyable, long lasting and rewarding.

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Transform your life into the love story you always wanted. Yes, you are worth it! We'd love to learn more about you too! Let's get started with you filling out our application. We'll follow up with you for additional details.

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