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Originally posted by Nicole: Nobody could get into a casual game when the update first came out, but nowadays it definitely isn't as bad as it was over a week ago. The option to also pick how many maps or modes you want to play on also gives you way more personalisation than Quickplay ever did, which I think is good. Originally posted by Dan:.

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Matchmaking changes

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Before the introduction of Valve servers and Quickplay, however, the Server Browser and Community servers dominated the game.


Slow matchmaking. :: Team Fortress 2 General Discussions

Having a full-vanilla experience in TF2 was quite rare back in those days, but the most popular servers only made tasteful additions to the base game, such as SourceMod server moderation and HLStats. Most of these servers survived through advertisements displayed when a user connected.

By contrast, Valve servers were ad-free. As these advertisements became more intrusive and Quickplay more exclusive, community servers began to see less traffic and slowly started to die out. Community servers once offered server communities of players who checked by on a regular basis, knew each other by name and were incredibly close-knit. This is an experience that has, unfortunately, been lost to time for most TF2 players, especially the newer ones.

With the addition of Casual Matchmaking, Quickplay is now gone completely, as are Valve servers that can be hopped into at any point in time, or through ad-hoc connections.

Competitive Mode

Now, Casual Matchmaking places players in 12v12 matches with a cosmetic EXP and more explicitly laid-out scoring system. Players are now expected to play more around the objective, and friends can only play together if they party together in the Matchmaking que.

The Casual Debate

GO and Dota 2. Community servers remain, but are now relegated to the Server Browser.

The main reason behind the introduction of Casual Matchmaking is ostensibly to bring TF2 into and to allow the transition from Casual to Competitive play to be more natural. The idea of it being played like that is especially a shock to the gaming community at large, who often considered TF2 to just be that one free, cartoony shooter on Steam. The Matchmaking Beta itself started in July of , just a few months later, well before any word of competitive play was mentioned from the Overwatch team.

Each competitive format has its merits, but 6s is the one that receives the most attention.