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Overview of the E-Classic

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We heat a large house and supply hot water. It's nice for our family to keep the house as warm as we want without thinking about a heating bill. Our family really appreciates the seemingly endless supply of hot water. The is simple and easy to maintain, but the owner's manual must be read and followed. Following the company's guidelines on operation it did everything as advertised performance-wise. I am currently heating square feet plus using the water heater attachment.

My 3 year average wood use is at 6 cords and I use high quality dry covered wood. I also followed all water quality guidelines using only Central Boiler products and provided my records to the dealer and Central Boiler. During the shutdown and firebox cleaning after 3rd season I discovered a leak coming from an air channel on the lower right side. The leak looks to be an inaccessible area to repair and the dealer wants to ship it back for repair. Central Boiler will inspect and report what repairs they will cover. I would hope they cover the repair as this failure is only 3 years into their limited year warranty.

So far 2 weeks after reporting the leak to my dealer and Central Boiler my unit is still hooked up and sitting home. The only response I've gotten is conformation the pictures and records I sent were received and Central Boiler wants me to refer all issues to the dealer. I will try to keep this post updated to let future buyers know what to expect from Central Boiler on their warranty. Lowell, IN Satisfaction Rating: Saves us so much money in propane. We even ran a line to heat our pool.

Easy to install, my husband helped the installer and finished it in no time.


Central Boiler E-Classic Wood Furnace

As long as you're able to keep it filled with wood once a day you'll save money, especially if you heat with propane. I heat 3 buildings with a total square footage of 7, square feet. I had a Royal indoor wood boiler heating just 2 buildings prior and it did not keep up and burned a lot of wood. I went to the Central Boiler and added my shop on and on an average year burn full cord of wood only.

My friends that bought other brands could burn almost that just heating their house and I am doing my house, garage and shop and hot water. Once I got used to firing it after a few weeks it was smooth sailing since. Would definitely buy one again. Northwest Minnesota Satisfaction Rating: It has paid for itself, but they told me it would do that.

What they didn't tell me is how much it would improve the quality of life.

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I was not only able to heat my house to whatever temperature my family wanted, but I was also able to heat my garage to 60 degrees so I could get into a warm vehicle when it was outside. I could never afford to do that with any other type of heat. Could not be happier with the furnace. Cloyne Ontario, Canada Satisfaction Rating: In the past 7 years I have replaced the controller 3 times, the door gasket twice and now the firebox is leaking.

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I would also have to pay my dealer to come pick it up and return it after it was repaired, plus I would have to pay shipping both ways to Central Boiler. Stay away from this company unless you live next door to the factory. Most people who write reviews do so because they have an issue. If you read into the reviews, most of the complaints are about service.

I am a dealer and feel our service is exceptional and our products are the best.

I don't feel sorry for the person who decides to drive miles to buy a unit to save a couple hundred bucks and then doesn't get serviced properly. Our price includes our service and our time to show our customers how to operate their units properly. I have burned a for 8 seasons now. Took some time to figure it out, but having run one, I can now explain to our customers the proper way to load and run them.

Just remember that you get what you pay for. Perry, Il Satisfaction Rating: I live in a small town and it was important to me to select an outdoor wood stove that was not going to be offensive to my neighbors. I have the optional gas ignition on my stove.

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I simply piled some wood in it in October and pushed the ignition button, the stove lit and has burnt every minute up to writing this post in late March. I have had several people ask me why I don't use my stove. I tell them I am using it, and their comment is that they never see any smoke coming out of it so they thought I wasn't using it.

I tell them they are welcome to go up and open the door, because there is definitely a fire in it. I found if you simply use seasoned wood in it and follow the operator's manual on how to properly operate the stove, it works perfectly. I would not trade it for anything. It is the perfect size to run a square foot house and an square foot garage for 24 hours no matter how severe the weather. I researched many stoves before purchasing a Central Boiler, and I would definitely say this is the top of the line of any stove available in the outdoor wood furnace industry.

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I have the stove hooked up through the WiFi module available from Central Boiler and can view my stove's operational data from anywhere on my smart phone. This is handy when I am away and have left someone in charge of putting wood n my stove. If they forget to fuel it, the stove will let me know and I can call and remind them.

I have not found anything yet I don't like about the stove, and would for sure buy the same brand again if I ever need another stove. I love the ease of operation and the small amount of wood I use to keep my house nice and warm. It was still working great when I replaced it with the , I just wanted to try the new cleaner burning, more efficient model and have never regretted it. I would also highly recommend that anyone using a old style or other brand of outdoor wood furnace replace it with a Central Boiler.

Greenville, IL Satisfaction Rating: My neighbor was complaining about smoke from the old furnace but my E-Classic has given me a happy neighbor. The E-Classic has little to no smoke compared to my old model. I also have my furnace connected to my computer and phone by the FireStar XP option.