Dating is expensive

I agree that the dumb things people do with money DOES reflect who they are. You can be cheap or spendy, regardless of your relationship status, definitely. These are the bulk of the costs that tend to affect either relationship status, but there are even more, too.

For example, transportation costs can often be lower for couples, if people are willing to use one vehicle and combine it with other, cheaper, forms of transportation.

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I really enjoyed this post! As a single, self-sufficient, year old chick, a lot of these points really hit home with me. The key is to find balance and someone with whom you want to form a team. It is really great advice to have your own financial goals and plan as though you were going to get divorced…you need to always protect yourself.

Are you ever confused about whether or not you’re on a date?

Single people should figure out how they want to manage their own money, so they can find a potential partner with a similar financial perspective as themselves. I truly did mean the post to be one of sparking conversation rather than a strict diatribe against married or single life. Of course, because of the title, and my married status, it obviously went more towards the single side of things.

Grass always greener and all that. I particularly like your closing bit: I like the thoughts here. It definitely is more expensive to be single. You can buy more food for a lower cost like buying in bulk. You know the cost per ounce is cheaper, but the overall price to you is more expensive. The same can be said for housing, especially if you have a one bedroom apartment as a single person, and then a one bedroom as a married couple.

That might change in the future kids, pets, etc. But, I do agree that nobody should get married solely because of money, but I will say that once I got married I did notice my bank account growing faster than when I was single.

This is true about the food and something I personally complain about a lot! I agree with most of this, but two coupled people can share one bed in a studio or one-bedroom place. So in that sense, singles actually have less available time than couples do. I would be interested to know about the Canadian numbers — have you seen any articles or studies that crunched the numbers there?

On the other hand, retirement income can be split and our housing costs real estate anyway are much higher than the US. Would be interesting to see if our numbers are really all that different or if they wash out to be about the same in the end! Granted, there are couples that live that way but my perspective seems to be that the idea is going away. The only time one might have to support the other is if kids come into the picture and they want one to stay at home full time to raise them.

However, I think in certain situations its cheaper to be single. If the guy sees a ring on your finger — you pay for your own drinks. Actually 3 out of 3 dinner dates to be precise. He must have been seriously maxed out — pretty bad that he did t know the balance on any one of them: Definitely moved past the trying to impress stage long ago, and my wallets thanking me. Because of those big bills living, etc.


Dating Is More Expensive For Women Than It Is For Men – Chocolate Vent

From my own experience getting married and combining households, two do NOT live as cheaply as one. As you said, you eat just as much whether you are single or married. We experienced very few economies of scale when we got married because we were living rather frugally as singles with roommates.

I truly love being single and independent I wear my feminism on my sleeve , but, that being said, I often wish I had a boyfriend to supplement my income. I buy on sale even though im alone and keep it foe long. Sorry but your article is bullshit. When it comes to relationships women treat men like cash machines and its much cheaper to be single as a guy than dating a women.

Men are always the ones paying for everything, you can even see the discrepancy when you walk into any shopping center. At 22 single was very expensive because we went out times a week and drank. At 28 single is very cheap because I figured out how to keep in simple. Women are messed up when it comes to how they burn through cash and feel entitled to do it.

Double incomes equal double spending power

Living with four different women in 20 years and being married once — and never again! They just spend it on different things — like electronics, vehicles and other toys. I think the point of the article is that you should find someone that matches your goals and values. All my friends have paid off their detached sing;e family homes, and are now buying cottages, boats, trips abroad etc.

The tax system is set up to benefit married folks, especially the ones with kids, and screws us singles who already have a hard enough time making ends meet, even with a good income. Nice cover photo by the way.! And not beceause I was subsidizing the person I was dating. For me, this is not just true for dating women, but socializing in general. Is it more expensive to be single or in a relationship? Single people date way harder than married people, and dating is expensive. Spending in dating can approach a level that can only be adequately described as financial carnage as people do any of the following: What about long term?

So what does it all mean? Next Article Spending proportionately to your income or your net worth. Lisa on January 8, 8: Anne Unique Gifter on January 8, 8: Bridget on January 8, 8: C The Writer on January 8, Dayle on January 8, 8: Liquid on January 8, 9: Shane Beating Broke on January 8, 9: Ryan Impersonal Finance on January 8, And we all know that time is money.

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But the cost of the dress if bought for an occasion previously goes down overtime the more often you wear it whereas the mans meal never gets cheaper its always going to cost what it costs. If your Oprah then yes, but if your just a normal person then its unlikely. This is you downtime anyway where chances are you only would have been sitting at home watching tv and not working on a business. Thanks for reading my post all the way thru. Reblogged this on Chocolate Vent and commented:.

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Is it more expensive to be single or in a relationship?

Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content A male friend of mine was telling me of a conversation he had with one of his guy friends about the cost of dating. So gentlemen, yes dating is expensive for women too! Reblogged this on Chocolate Vent and commented: